Yellow Brick Road 2010, Movie Review

Yellow Brick Road 2010, Movie Review

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In 1940 the entire population of Friar, New Hampshire walked up a winding mountain trail, now reffered to as the Yellow Brick Road, leaving everything behind. Years later the bodies of nearly 300 of these missing people were discovered, their bodies mutilated in unspeakable ways. Only one person survives, the rest of the town have been missing ever since.


In Yellow Brick Road’s opening credits you get to see lovely black and white pictures of the crime scene, along with an audio recording of the one and only survivor of this dreaded walk. He is clearly terrified, and also probably delirious.

Fast forward to 2008: Teddy Barnes (Michael Laurino) is obsessed with the small bit he knows about what happened in Friar, New Hampshire…so naturally he finds a way to get the coordinates he needs to start his journey. Teddy, his wife, Melissa (Anessa Ramsey) and their friend who is also therapist Walter (Alex Draper) put together a team of people to assist them in their investigation to solve this strange mystery. Over half a¬†century after the disappearance, the first official expedition into the wilderness begins.

From the moment the journey begins weird things start to happen, it’s a struggle for them to even get on the right path to begin with. Things start to look up, everyone is happy and then they start hearing things. Music in the trees. Sinister thoughts creeping into their mind, never knowing how they got there. Complete lack of control. Even when they try to turn around they can’t, directions change, it’s almost as if the world around them is liquid.

This is a film I would suggest to any and all horror fans. It is an intelligent horror, with very miniscule gore scene’s. It leaves you guessing in the end, and for that I am grateful. I believe that some stories are better off without an explanation, this way things are more up to interpretation. It leaves room for you to find more meaning in what you just saw.

Yellow Brick Road

MY journey with Yellow Brick Road was about a mans greedy, selfish need for to fame and fortune by trying to exploit an unexplained tragedy. Sugar coats his bullshit and drags a bunch of other, sweet people into this mess. On this walk, they experience both group¬†psychosis/a shared delusion and what I believe to be some sort of supernatural power planting thoughts and extremely negative emotions inside their minds, eventually everyone goes insane and dies one way or another except for Teddy. He get’s to the end of the road, and meets this man who I believe to be Evil Incarnate. I wont completely spoil this movie with the last scene, but I will say that I believe the road probably only ever get’s traveled by people crippled by their own curiosity and greed. Their need for answers and the fame that comes from them. Once you go down that road, you pretty much chose to go to hell. It’s literal, and figurative in it’s own ways. I am truly sad to read so many harsh reviews about this movie, when people simply do not understand it’s concept, or can’t find meaning of their own in it’s madness.


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